Steadicam Merlin Cookbook Settings

To submit your successful Merlin settings for cameras not yet listed in the Cookbook follow the instructions below to fill out our online setting submission form:

  1. Weigh camera and measures vert. c.g. distance
    (measured base of camera to point on side of camera where camera might
    balance sideways).
  2. Mark location of camera c.g. on camera base
    (as determined by balancing on a finger and marking)
  3. Mount Merlin dovetail as per manual so 'mark' is located at Hole "H'.
  4. Balance Merlin with your camcorder per manual and video
    (and operate for several hours until confident of the settings are
  5. Choose Metric or English measurement entry below:

    Select Measurement Type

    » English Measurement Entry

    » Metric Measurement Entry